Sep 292011

Rhode Island’s favorite indie-hipster-country-folk rockers Deer Tick make quite an impression in a live setting, following in the long tradition of light beer-soaked guitar riffs, loud drumming and rough, attitude-heavy vocals. In a recent session for LaundroMatinee they paid tribute to their roots-rock forefathers, the legendary ZZ Top. Taking on the song “Cheap Sunglasses,” a fitting choice considering frontman John J. McCauley’s taste in eyewear, they let their ’70s influences run wild. Continue reading »

Aug 052010

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The Leningrad Cowboys are fun. There’s not much more to it. They’re Elvis as seen in a funhouse mirror, all hair and leisure suit. The fact that their music is enjoyable is a nice bonus, but it wouldn’t be a requirement. Watching that hair bounce is worth the price of admission alone.

Their live performances are notoriously off-the-wall. Often backed by a choir, the eleven-member band goes through classic rock hits alongside humorous originals like “Bumbersticker Rock” and the “Drink Beer Polka.” In the video below, they rock out ZZ Top’s “Gimme All Your Lovin’” complete with accordion, folk dancers, and the Russian Red Army Choir. That bit of Handel’s “Hallulujah Chorus” almost gives the choir a legitimate reason to be there, but there’s no excusing the dancers. And that’s kind of the point. Continue reading »