Mar 312020

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best cover songs march 2020
Adam Green – All Hell Breaks Loose (Misfits cover)

Misfits go mariachi! Adam Green, best known as one half of the Moldy Peaches, plays “All Hell Breaks Loose” like it was “Ring of Fire.” He writes: “In The Misfits and in his glorious solo work, Danzig bridged punk and metal with the blue-eyed soul music of the mid-1960’s like The Righteous Brothers and The Walker Brothers. I’d had an idea for a while to do a Scott Walker / John Franz style production at punk speeds, and the Misfits song ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ seemed like the perfect vessel for the experiment.” Continue reading »

Mar 192020
zeus springsteen

Elton John recently paused his endless farewell tour due to the coronavirus, but the celebration continues on Zeus Springsteen’s new “Madman Across the Water” cover. The Vermont power trio just missed the run of Elton tribute albums in 2018, but their cover was worth the wait. (Also, across 26 songs on those albums, for whatever reason no one picked “Madman” – so Zeus is correcting a glaring omission).

Two words you might have glossed over in that first paragraph: “power trio.” Meaning, no piano player. So instead of going the lounge-singer route of so many Elton covers, they get weird, progging it out with guitar solos and synth freakouts and a singing drummer (very Phil Collins). Continue reading »