Feb 102011

Like free stuff? Just kidding. You’re reading a music blog; of course you like free stuff. Well, if the daily MP3 trickle leaves you wanting, how about this: 27 new covers, free to download, in this one post. They come from two new online mixtapes.

Verb/Re/Verb is an indie blog run by a 15-year old from Los Angeles. Normally, her age would be irrelevant – that’s the beauty of the Internet, after all – except that it inspired her to curate a cover mixtape. YOUTH collects nine new covers by artists under 18. The set mixes songs by INXS and ‘N Sync, Sufjan Stevens and Loverboy. “Purple Rain” proves instantly recognizable, but “Get Down” is so whacked-out you could spend weeks listening and never guess the original artist (it’s the Backstreet Boys apparently). The set leans towards dubstep, with folkier breaks here and there. Continue reading »

Dec 212010

As you may have heard, Kanye West has a new album. As you may also have heard, it has been well-received (to put it mildly). The album that’s topped more best-of lists than any other, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy boasts such oddities as Bon Iver singing backing vocals, a Chris Rock interlude, and a 35-minute promotional video. Said video soundtracks his song “Runaway,” the album’s second single. Into the convoluted narrative West crams twisty ballet, a naked phoenix, and a Michael Jackson parade float. This high-concept oddity helped remind folks that, despite all his boorish drama, West possesses ambition few can rival. Continue reading »