May 172022
wolf alice sense

For the latest iteration of Triple J’s ‘Like a Version’, English alternative rock band Wolf Alice covered one of Australian rockers King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard’s more popular tracks “Sense.” The original version came from King Gizzard’s 2015 album Paper Mâché Dream Balloon which was recorded almost entirely with acoustic instruments, leading to a very folksy, 1960s pop style sound.

Wolf Alice bassist Theo Ellis said about their cover, “If you put [the song] in a different style of production and had a modern pop star singing it, I think it would be a chart hit. I think exploring that is one of the funnest aspects of doing this cover.” And indeed, this cover explores the idea. Lead singer Ellie Rowsell’s vocal is clear and crisp, and the catchy groove of the original is maintained. The rest of the band contribute with piano lines and guitar melodies that makes this song feel like it could be a Top 40 hit.


Feb 282018
best cover songs february

Today we continue the tradition we started way back one month ago. Since we’re still new at this, I’ll reiterate that our picks are unranked and semi-impulsive. Even the un-blurbed “Honorable Mentions” at the bottom aren’t necessarily worse than the rest; in many cases, we’ve just already written about them at length and have little else to say.

Okay, disclaimers behind us, let’s dive in. Continue reading »