Jan 242012

Last summer, Serbian singers Viva Vox Choir blew our mind with a choral version of Rammstein’s “Du Hast.” Now we’ve got another video of the group at work and it’s even more ambitious. The choir put together a medley of the Prodigy’s dance hits, arranging the songs for two-dozen voices in a ridiculously bold production. Continue reading »

Jul 122011

A capella and headbanging go together like toothpaste and orange juice. Or at least that was true before the Serbia-based Viva Vox Choir decided to take on a cover of “Du Hast.” The German industrialist band Rammstein broke into the mainstream with the song in 1997, propelled by its assaulting guitar riff, swirling noises and a beat that sounds like it is being hammered out on a trashcan. This isn’t where vocal groups typically tread. Continue reading »