Jan 062023

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Can't Buy a Thrill

Can’t Buy a Thrill was always peak Steely Dan for me. Before they became too smooth, too clever, too polished and too damned good for their own damned good, they put together a set of sure fire songs that swiftly endeared them to a record buying public and remains a favorite in this household. Who can forget the gushing praise printed on the back of the cover, written by one Tristan Fabriani: “the newly formed amalgam threatens to undermine the foundations of the rock power elite.” Heady prose and, in due course, prescient, with Tristan, who played keyboards for Jay and the Americans, being eminently placed to pass such comment. Of course, you might know Tristan better under his given name: Donald Fagen.
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Jun 292011

We’ve been keeping track of Paul McCartney‘s “Maybe I’m Amazed” cover competition ever since it was first announced. Earlier this month, we showcased our top picks once the submission period had ended.

Yesterday, the winner was announced on McCartney’s website and the votes resoundingly went to one of our very favorites, the astonishing classical guitarist Tony Clef. So here it is – the stunning instrumental “Maybe I’m Amazed.” Enjoy. Continue reading »

Jun 172011

At the end of May, Paul McCartney launched a competition for the best cover of his hit, “Maybe I’m Amazed.” We showcased a couple of our early favorites, but the time for entries has come to an end and it’s time to see if our picks still stack up to the competition. Just because entries can no longer be submitted, though, doesn’t mean the competition is over – you can still vote until 4PM (GMT) on the 23rd of June by liking your favorites on YouTube. Continue reading »