Nov 302023
best cover songs
boygenius ft. Ye Vagabonds — The Parting Glass (Trad. cover)

Every year, Phoebe Bridgers releases a surprise cover around the holidays to benefit charity. This year, she brought in her boygenius bandmates as well as vocal group Ye Vagabonds to cover “The Parting Glass.” It’s a traditional Irish tune, but their version pays specific homage to Sinead O’Connor, who covered it in 2002. Sales benefit the Aisling Project, an after-school project working with children and young people growing up in a disadvantaged area of Dublin. The beneficiary was chosen by the estate of O’Connor, who died in July. Continue reading »

Apr 232020
live from home covers

Every week the names doing these covers from home just get bigger. This past week got a boost from Global Citizen’s all-star charity event, from which several of today’s set come, as well as one major appearance in last night’s Jersey for Jersey fundraiser (Fountains of Wayne’s heartbreaking “Hackensack” from that is worth watching too, though, except for guest bassist Sharon Van Etten, it’s not a cover).

But, amidst the all-stars, musicians at every level continue to take to the internet to perform covers. We’ve got some of the best we’ve seen below. As always, we make no claims to being comprehensive, so share any other favorites in the comments. Continue reading »

Sep 302015

Texas’s Toadies first broke through in 1994 with their classic “Possum Kingdom,” an anthem for rural stalker-murderers everywhere. Twenty years later, they’re still going strong with a new album, Heretics, out this month. It features reimagined versions of fan favorites including, yes, “Possum Kingdom,” plus plenty of songs with equally creepy titles like “Queen of Scars” and “Dollskin.” One song that wouldn’t seem as creepy is a cover of Blondie‘s “Heart of Glass” – but it turns out they made that dark too – similar to what they did with LCD Soundsystem a few years back. Continue reading »

May 252011

A few months ago we posted about a lovely folk-infused cover of LCD Soundsystem‘s old favorite “Someone’s Great” by Fort Worth, TX band Toadies. The band released the cover for Record Store Day, just around the time that James Murphy was taking his final bow at Madison Square Garden. Now, the Toadies are back with a video for the song. It’s a live version of the cover recorded at the 2010 Dia De Los Toadies Festival, a festival founded and curated by the band that features all Texas artists (past artists have included Ben Kweller, The Secret Machines and The Heartless Bastards). Continue reading »

Apr 182011

There has been a lot of focus on LCD Soundsystem lately due to the “band’s” final album and performance. Now that James Murphy is done putting out new music under the LCD moniker (with the occasional exception of a Franz Ferdinand cover), the best a fan can hope for is for some enterprising band to come along and breathe some new life into the old songs. For any bands thinking about trying, may I suggest using this Toadies cover as a blueprint? Continue reading »