Jun 102011

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Kanye West’s 808s & Heartbreak was universally derided upon its 2008 release. Following three critically-acclaimed rap albums, a heart-on-sleeve pop album by a guy who clearly could barely carry a tune proved dead on arrival. The fact that he masked his vocal deficiencies with Auto-Tune at the very height of the anti-Auto-Tune fervor made 808s a particularly easy target.

Three years later, though, people look back on the album more fondly. 808s clearly played a role in shaping West’s undisputed masterpiece My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, so even the holdouts reluctantly credit the album as a stepping stone to greatness. More generous types recognize, however belatedly, that West perversely used Auto-Tune to make his music more human, not less.

One fact has remained consistent, though, and that is that this album lends itself to covers better than any other Kanye album. The reason is clear – covering a pop song is much easier than covering a hip-hop song. The preponderance of “Love Lockdown”s alone could keep a cover blog going for weeks. Below, then, we present covers of every song off 808s and Heartbreak. No other Kanye West album would be remotely feasible – where the “New Workout Plan” covers at? – but this one proved a cinch. Auto-Tune not included. Continue reading »

Nov 022010

Swedish trio Miike Snow began making serious waves across the American indie music scene with a couple knockout performances at this year’s South by Southwest. Their showing in Austin landed them atop many lists of the best acts in the festival, secured the band a comfortable level of indie fame, and firmly established them as promising up-and-comers. As such, the covers have started rolling in.

Most recently, the ladies of Japanese indie-pop quartet The Suzan took to covering Snow’s undeniably catchy single, “Animal.” The track was released as part of a compilation by Fool’s Gold Records on October 25th, the same day as the release of The Suzan’s newest album (produced by Bjorn Yttling of Peter Bjorn and John). Enjoy The Suzan’s “Animal” below. Continue reading »