Apr 132011

Two new free mixtapes have hit the Internet in the past few weeks and they share a common sound: dream pop. The way they get there, though, couldn’t be more different.

Music Tumblrs Cactus Mouth and The Unholy Rhythm deliver a set of covers of songs from the late ‘50s and early ‘60s. That means lots of proto-rock tunes from the likes of the Everly Brothers and Bo Diddley, given the indie sort of beach-haze vibe so popular these days. It’s not just a bunch of Best Coast wannabes though; more earnest acoustic material crops up every now and then. Continue reading »

Mar 252011

Brooklyn duo Lightouts just released their first single “See Clear,” and publications like Prefix have already heralded it as a return to good old fashioned guitar rock. For their B-side, the band chose to cover another B-side: The Stone Roses’ “Here It Comes.” Originally the flip to 1987 single “Sally Cinnamon,” “Here It Comes” is an undiscovered gem of Madchester swagger. Continue reading »

Aug 312010

The Raveonettes first teased their Stone Roses cover way back in April. It’s been a long wait since. Well finally – finally! – Dr. Martens has posted their cover. I’d say it was worth the wait, but if you’re familiar with this Danish duo, you already know that. Sune Rose Wagner and Sharon Foo’s dreamy fuzz-pop is tighter than ever.

“I remember watching ‘I Wanna Be Adored’ on TV and thinking, ‘Wow.’” Foo said in a making-of clip. “It’s different, it’s kind of psychedelic, but so super-cool.”

The cover comes complete with an aww-inspiring video. An elderly woman and her grandaughter bridge the generation gap with a whole series of cute activities. They play checkers in an elevator! They hold hands! They go fishing (with an already-dead fish)! It’s all sorts of adorable. Given the title, that seems appropriate. Check out the video and, below that, a making-of clip. Then hop on over to the Dr. Martens website to download the MP3. Continue reading »