Dec 232010

Over the past few weeks, artists have been unleashing a blizzard of Christmas covers. From live tapings to unexpected albums, these holiday presents came in all shapes and sizes. We kept up as best we could (see ‘em all here), but so many came in we couldn’t possibly post them all. So instead, we collected our favorite Christmas covers from this year in a special mixtape.

This 60-minute tape, which you can download or stream below, mixes the classics with the obscure. It includes refreshingly original covers of famous hymns and unexpected runs through buried nuggets. It finds indie up-and-comers mingling with longtime favorites. Continue reading »

Dec 152010

Brooklyn six-piece Robbers on High Street have joined in on the Christmas festivities this year with their cover of The Sisterhood’s “The Rocking Disco Santa Claus.” True to its name, the original, though only released on a Christmas compilation album in 2003, sounds like it might as well have been lifted from the juke box of a disco roller skating rink in 1978. And apart from the fact that the Robbers are fronted by Ben Troken and the Sisterhood is led by a female vocalist, the only real difference between the two tracks is the addition of the Robbers’ signature brass section – which is to say, it sounds even more like it’s straight out of the disco era. Continue reading »