Oct 312022
avril lavigne
Avril Lavigne & All Time Low – All the Small Things (Blink 182 cover)

One way you can tell millennials are getting old: There are now nostalgia-bait festivals catering to the music of their (our) youth. Such was the case with When We Were Young, the emo and pop-punk fest in Vegas a couple weeks ago with Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Bright Eyes, and dozens more. A video high point is this extremely fun and infectious cover of “All the Small Things” by All Time Low and Avril Lavigne, performed right after Blink 182 announced they were getting back together. Best part: When the entire crowd hollers alone to “Work sucks / I know”! Continue reading »

Oct 282022
bite me bambi

Bite Me Bambi is a catchy, female-fronted ska band from Southern California. Their new cover of The Offspring’s 2000 single “Want You Bad” is playful and dance-worthy, and has the energy of that of Reel Big Fish or Less Than Jake. In Bite Me Bambi’s hands, “Want You Bad” is taunting yet upbeat. The B-section, however, does give us a twinge of melancholy, just before a blaring saxophone solo comes in, backed by a jam-band-style instrumental. And lead singer Tahlena Chikami takes the stage by storm.  Continue reading »

Feb 012021
cover songs january 2021
Amanda Shires – That’s All (Genesis cover)

Our first song kicks off what will be a theme here. A lot of these came out at the very top of the year (or the very end of 2020) to kick a garbage year to the curb and hope for something better. Shires said: “’That’s All’ is a song that I have played a lot on tour. The song defines 2020 for me. It’s a true Covid anthem and I dare you to not dance to my version when you hear it!” Continue reading »