Feb 282022
best cover songs
Blacktop Mojo – My Girl (The Temptations cover)

You may listen to the gentle plucking when this begins and thing, boy that’s not what I expected from that band photo. Is this an acoustic flying V? Blacktop Mojo’s “My Girl” stays pretty and meditative for over half the run time, turning the oldies classic into a pretty folk-rock ballad. Eventually, though, true to that long-hair-and-leather image, the heads start banging and axes start shredding. Continue reading »

Jan 052022
The Main Squeeze John Lennon Jealous Guy

The Main Squeeze have shared a version of John Lennon’s “Jealous Guy,” filmed live at the band’s home in Los Angeles. In keeping with the group’s signature funk-rock, The Main Squeeze’s cover takes its cues specifically from Donny Hathaway’s fiery arrangement, released on his iconic 1972 Live album, just one year after the original Lennon studio cut. Continue reading »