May 262017
chris cornell covers

We’re more than a week on since the tragic loss of Chris Cornell, and not more can be said that hasn’t already been written. A lot of musicians were crushed and many expressed their sadness on social media and in song (though it must be said, it didn’t always feel genuine as a few tried to capitalize on his popularity by name-checking him). While the media focuses on the how and why of Cornell’s passing, the fans mourn in the mosh pit and the mezzanines.

When I pitched writing this roundup, I also knew that regardless of how heartfelt these tributes would be, it would be incredibly difficult for many singers to hit Cornell’s singing range. This is not to pick on anyone in particular, nor to throw shade on their own expressions of grief and the want to express it. But even as someone who often has to defend cover songs versus the originals, I really think Chris Cornell was truly irreplaceable.

Here are my favorites of the many Soundgarden, Audioslave, and Temple of the Dog covers that have been recorded since Cornell’s passing. Continue reading »

Apr 132012

A.V. Undercover 2012 is well underway. We recently watched The Punch Brothers add a bluegrass twist to The Cars’ “Just What I Needed,” and now, for the most recent installment, Seattle band The Head and The Heart have covered “Go Your Own Way,” one of Fleetwood Mac’s most recognizable songs from their immensely successful album Rumours. Continue reading »

Dec 062011

It’s no secret My Morning Jacket likes Christmas. Back in 2000, they released the EP My Morning Jacket Does Xmas Fiasco Style. That one featured mostly originals, but their new follow-up EP offers the covers of Christmas classics they skipped the first time. It’s out today on iTunes. Continue reading »