Jun 302021
best cover songs of june
Adia Victoria – On and On (Erykah Badu cover)

Adia Victoria recorded this powerful Badu cover for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. She said of the time she discovered the song, “I was looking for something that was bigger and deeper and felt more warm than the idea of a Christian God. And I dove into my imagination. And the first time I heard ‘on and on’ it felt like Erykah Badu was waiting for me to be her there.” Continue reading »

Feb 052015

Wharfer’s music typically gets described using words like “sparse,” “haunting,” and “bedroom” (in the sense of where it was recorded, not where it would make a good soundtrack to). And though he says his upcoming second album will be more fleshed-out, his new EP of Flatlanders cover very much fits that initial mold. Continue reading »