Jul 182011

Here’s one for your next summer dance party. It’s the Dirty Tees, whom we last heard electro-fying U2’s “With or Without You,” looking to a more obvious inspiration: Natasha Bedingfield. Remember her? Her last CD may have bombed, but her production company now manages the duo and, to celebrate, she joins them on a new cover. It’s a hard-hittin’ club version of Fragma’s club hit “Toca’s Miracle” that dares you to stay still. Continue reading »

Apr 052011

Is “Dirty” the new “Deer/Crystal/Bear” in band names? When covering classic rock bands, it just might be. This year we’ve seen covers by Dirty Beaches (1, 2), The Dirty 9s, and now the Dirty Tees. This Toronto electronica duo have begun making a splash with singles like “Where We Are” and “Let You Go” and, in addition to a ton of remixes, they just released their first cover: U2’s “With or Without You.” Continue reading »