Sep 132010

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Uncle Monsterface may be the best band name ever. It may also be the worst. That’s kind of the point. They don’t do “serious” music; they do “serious party bizness” (their words). These lightsaber-headband-cruse ship buccaneers incorporate puppet shows into their concerts. Their mascot is a paper-mache lizard head. They wrote one song titled “Mashed Potato Vs. Vampire.” They wrote another about the guy who invented Dungeons and Dragons. They play with Harry and the Potters a lot. You get the idea.

Last fall, the band released a covers EP as a free download on its website. They call it Jokey Jingles Ultimate Dance Party Mix Volume III, despite there never being a Volume I or II. They announced it with an incredibly uninformative (but utterly hilarious) infomercial. Check it out. Continue reading »