Aug 032011

Take four guys in your standard four-piece band, add in four floor bass drums, toss in songs that are in 4/4 time, and you get the 4onthefloor. This stompin’ blues band brings the infectious, driving rhythms of the delta blues and hoe-downs from Duluth, Minnesota. Back in March we brought you their thumping cover of singer/songwriter M.Ward’s “Magic Trick,” this time they are paying homage to the music that inspired them. Continue reading »

Mar 282011

The 4onthefloor has four members. Gabriel sings and plays bass drum. James plays guitar and bass drum. Chris plays bass and bass drum. Mark plays drums, which includes – you guessed it – a bass drum. Yes, the name “4onthefloor” is meant literally: four bass drums, on the floor, pounding out the beat on each and every song. If the current dubstep wave has you yearning for a steadier, stronger rhythm, this band is for you. Continue reading »