Nov 302022
best cover songs of november 2022
Bob Dylan – I Can’t Seem to Say Goodbye (Jerry Lee Lewis cover)

Bob Dylan doesn’t change his setlists much anymore. In fact, on his recent UK and European tour, he played the exact same setlist every single night…except one. The day it was announced Jerry Lee Lewis passed away, Dylan returned to the stage after his usual finale “Every Grain of Sand.” As anyone who’s read his new book knows, Bob knows his music history. So he skipped the obvious picks and tackled the quite obscure Sun Records-era outtake “I Can’t Seem to Say Goodbye.” Continue reading »

Nov 182022
speak low

Ryan Scott Graham is a vocalist and bassist for the pop-punk band State Champs. Speak Low is the title reserved for his creative solo projects, such as this cover of Taylor Swift’s new Midnights standout “Anti-Hero.”

In this cover, Graham makes “Anti-Hero” feel singer-songwritery with his acoustic guitar, but also manages to harken back to the original with the simple yet satisfying electronic drums that permeate through the background. The artist truly owned the self-critical and overly honest lyrics of “Anti-Hero”. My ears perked up immediately as the vocalist took small yet poignant melodic liberties even beyond completely changing the instrumentation of the tune. Continue reading »

Oct 182022
muna august

MUNA is a three-piece indie pop band based in LA. So far, they have released two studio albums and a Live at Electric Lady EP, which just came out on October 12th. The EP includes a new cover of Taylor Swift’s Folklore standout “August.”

The band stated that the way this cover of “August” came out surprised them. The recording was much softer and lighter than anticipated. The group was looking for contrast for the rest of their energetic EP, which lead them to decide on Swift’s heartbreak-themed track. 

This version of “August” is acoustic and strummy, breathy and mellow. This bittersweet soundscape the trio has created would make the perfect song for a flashback in a high school love movie. The tasteful hand percussion, panned ah’s, delicately stacked vocal harmonies, and understated instrumentations blossom into a slow build giving us all the feels.
Listen below.

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Aug 012022
best cover songs of july 2022
Brett Eldredge – Cold Heart (Elton John, Dua Lipa cover)

Against all odds for a rocker of his generation, Elton John had a genuine hit with a single he released just last year, at age 74: “Cold Heart.” It topped the chart in the UK – his first song to do so in 16 years. It did nearly as well in the States, reaching number 7 and topping a number of secondary charts. Having current pop hitmaker Dua Lipa on board no doubt helped, as did releasing it as a remix by Pnau (“Hot Dance/Electronic Songs” was one of those secondary U.S. charts). It also fairly shameless incorporates bits of earlier hit singles “Rocket Man” and “Sacrifice” as well as deeper Elton cuts “Kiss the Bride” and “Where’s the Shoorah?” In country star Brett Eldridge’s live cover, though, it all blends together seamlessly. Continue reading »

Jun 082022
cruel summer cover

Singer Jessica Boudreaux got together with indie rock band Adult Mom to remake “Cruel Summer,” off Taylor Swift’s 2019 album Lover. The musicians made the song less peppy and celebratory on their cover, doing away with the wonky panned synths and autotuned chorus “yeahs” choosing a more gentle and melancholy tone. Continue reading »

May 312021
best cover songs may 2021
Amy Speace – Don’t Let Us Get Sick (Warren Zevon cover)

“Don’t Let Us Get Sick” was a moving song even before Warren Zevon got sick, didn’t see a doctor soon enough, and died. After that, the context makes it even more poignant. The canonical cover is Judee Sill’s, but on her new album, Amy Speace gives it a run for its money. Continue reading »