Apr 082024
lorde take me to the river

It’s 40 years since a collaboration between Talking Heads and filmmaker Jonathan Demme led to the creation of one of the great concert movies, Stop Making Sense. High concepts, expert musicianship and a big suit cemented it in the minds of a generation. As part of a revival of the film in cinemas and, soon, at home, production owners A24 have curated a tribute album of the songs featured in the movie, to be released later in the year. Lorde has been bold enough to take on “Take Me to the River,” The Talking Heads’ take on the Al Green classic. Continue reading »

Mar 012024
best cover songs february 2024
Annie Lennox — Nothing Compares 2 U (Prince/Sinéad O’Connor cover)

The emotional highpoint of the Grammys—well, other than Tracy Chapman’s return (covers-adjacent!)–was Annie Lennox’s tribute to Sinéad O’Connor during the In Memoriam. Bonus points because she was backed by two longtime bandmembers of Prince (who, of course, wrote the song), Wendy and Lisa. The teardrop on Lennox’s eye was very Prince, and the political statement at the end was very Sinéad. Continue reading »

Feb 072024
paramore talking heads

Last week, Paramore released their version of “Burning Down the House,” the first glimpse of an all-star Talking Heads tribute album that will feature Lorde, Miley Cyrus, the National and more. The sonic result is a satisfying amalgamation of 80’s nostalgia with a fresh vocal delivery. Continue reading »

Jan 122024

Five Good Covers presents five cross-genre reinterpretations of an oft-covered song.

“Hi. I got a tape I wanna play.”

David Byrne begins the concert film Stop Making Sense with those words. He then begins the show doing a solo acoustic “Psycho Killer,” backed only by a boombox rhythm track. It’s the capital letter of one incredible sentence of a film, and last year it stepped forward once again into America’s collective consciousness as the documentary’s anniversary rerelease swept Talking Heads into the spotlight one (more? last?) time.

“Psycho Killer” was the first song the band ever worked on – Byrne wrote the first verse, Chris Frantz the second, and Tina Weymouth came up with the bridge’s French lyrics. From small beginnings come great things; for all the success the band had afterward, this remains their signature track.
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Jan 042024
the regrettes cover talking heads

The well-loved rock band The Regrettes have regrettably completed their last shows as a band. And to say goodbye, they brought back their cover of “Psycho Killer” live at the Fonda Theater. The group was dressed in all white and performed a high-energy version of the ‘77 tune under pulsing red lights. The quintet of rockers maintained their stellar showmanship right up until the very end.

In light of their final performances happening just before the holidays, the musicians also covered “Last Christmas” by Wham! during their final shows. This cover began with a daring acapella intro, so be sure to check out both of the live tunes below. 

Watch the Regrettes play “Psycho Killer” below: 

You can also listen to “Last Christmas” here:

For more great covers of Talking Heads be sure to check out this link:https://www.covermesongs.com/tag/talking-heads

Nov 142023

Cover Genres takes a look at cover songs in a very specific musical style.

We begin with a bow to Seuras Og and his genre-expansive post earlier this year about banjo covers. We can’t leave the banjo hanging–or getting the last word, either. So: Let us now praise the mandolin.
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