May 152012

In a strange coincidence, both The Killers and Surfer Blood released a cover of the Raspberries’ 1972 single “Go All the Way.” The Killers’ version comes from the soundtrack to Dark Shadows, the latest film from director Tim Burton, who previously teamed up with the band for their “Bones” video. Surfer Blood simply tweeted out their track last week, accompanied with the announcement “Here is a cover we did for your parents.” Continue reading »

Jul 192011

As we mentioned yesterday, SPIN magazine celebrates the 20th anniversary of Nirvana’s Nevermind this year with a special issue featuring interviews, recollections, and, best of all, a full-album tribute. Dare we say it, it’s even better than the one we did. Continue reading »

Jun 292011

When people hear about the band Polarisif anyone ever hears about the band Polaris – they probably assume they’ve never heard them. Likewise, there’s little name recognition to their song “Hey Sandy.” If, however, you grew up in the ’90s, one listen of the song will hit you with waves of recognition. Just like people will only ever think of the Rembrandts’ “I’ll Be There for You” as the Friends theme, “Hey Sandy” is forever and indelibly the theme to the Nickelodeon classic The Adventures of Pete and Pete. Continue reading »

Jun 212011

Last year, Surfer Blood’s John Paul Pitts told Prefix that their band name came from teasing a friend who brought a surf bag on a road trip (it started as “surfer bro”). The point being, there is no connection whatsoever to Pixies’ acclaimed 1988 album Surfer Rosa. Still, we can’t help wondering if the name similarity influenced their choice of Surfer Rosa song “Gigantic” for their A.V. Undercover set. Continue reading »

Oct 122010

You’ve probably heard that Pavement reunited this year. You’ve probably heard it every day for months. With the indie blog world having exploded since the group’s 1999 breakup, the quartet’s stock has risen higher than it ever did in the band’s heyday. Universally good-to-mediocre reviews meet their notoriously lackadaisical live shows, the common theme being, “Yeah, they’re still pretty terrible live, but after ten years apart fans find it endearing. Plus everyone’s singing along too loudly to really notice.”

Palm Beach youngsters Surfer Blood follow closely in Pavement’s footsteps. Pitchfork described their sound as “guitar-heavy indie rock that’s probably influenced by Pavement, likely about girls, and almost certainly made by people who at first blush sound more fun to get a beer with than, say, Dirty Projectors.” So them covering Pavement for Halfway House just makes sense. Download the band’s version of “Box Elders” below, then head here to snag the full set. Continue reading »