Jun 272023
texas keep on talking

Northern Soul was, and is, a club phenomenon in the UK. In the early days (during the 60s and ’70s) DJs sorted through thousands of US R&B records for neglected or forgotten gems which could be ‘stompers’. To this day there are many R&B songs much better known in the UK than in their US home. The ‘Northern’ part generally relates to venues in English Northern cities, but there were also some great events in Scotland, the North of Britain. Scottish band Texas’ latest greatest hits album contains a new version of Northern Soul classic “Keep On Talking,” a song about the joys of being seduced. Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Spencer Oldham, who wrote the song with Dan Penn, produces. Continue reading »

Aug 062010

Live Collection brings together every live cover we can find from a featured artist.

From Athens, Georgia, the Drive-By Truckers are the most Lynyrd Skynyrd-esq band around today. They don’t deny it. Heck, they even based an entire album on Skynyrd’s career trajectory (as metaphor for Southern decline). Patterson Hood leads the six-piece around the country playing seemingly more concerts than there are days in the year. With all that touring, they’ve had quite a bit of time to bust out a cover or two.

Our first Live Collection feature collects every DBT concert cover we could get our hands on (Hood’s vast solo repertoire will wait for a later date). Some are set regulars, others are one-time-only treats. Download each MP3 individually below or all together at the bottom, then report back. Did I miss any? Post a note in comments! If you include a link, I’ll add the song to the main post. Continue reading »