Feb 052013

When most people think of the Canadian electronic duo Purity Ring, they think of blips, bleeps, and awesome light shows. When the duo stopped by Webster Hall on January 11th and 12th for their North American tour with Young Magic, they pulled a trick out of their hat when they covered Soulja Boy‘s “Grammy.”

Singer Megan James sings both parts of Ester Dean and Soulja Boy. The trademark synth and drums of Purity Ring bring an upbeat twist to the hip hop original. Although the video quality isn’t the greatest, you can still get a taste of the duo’s ever-evolving light show to this cover. Continue reading »
Sep 302010

Recently we’ve seen quite a few Roots posts (1, 2, 3). We’ve also seen some Jimmy Fallon. We haven’t yet posted the two together though (funny, given that they hang out five nights a week). Well now we can. They’ve even brought along Justin Timberlake, the best third wheel ever.

The trio (Timberlake, Fallon, Roots) takes us through a four-minute medley of rap hits from yesterday and today on last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. It starts with the Sugarhill Gang and ends with Jay-Z (“Empire State of Mind”). In between they tackle Eminem, Tupac, Kanye, Soulja Boy – well, pretty much everyone. Even the Roots’ own “The Seed 2.0” gets the Timb-Fall treatment. Continue reading »