Jan 302024
royal otis murder on the dancefloor

Musical soulmates Royel Maddell and Otis Pavlovic found each other in 2019 and have been creating guitar pop ever since. Their debut album is due in February 2024, with a tour to support. For the ever-inventive Triple J cover slot on ABC they covered Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s 2001 hit “Murder on the Dancefloor,” currently riding high following its memorable appearance in Saltburn. Continue reading »

Apr 032023
best cover songs of march 2023
Bria – When You Know Why You’re Happy (Mary Margaret O’Hara’ cover)

Bria’s “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?” made our list of the Best Covers of 2022. The track was a sneak peak at her covers EP Cuntry Covers Vol. 2, and the full thing dropped a few weeks ago. It includes a wonderful version of this much more obscure song. Bria explains: “Mary Margaret O’Hara is a creative force and one of my favorite Canadian artists. I have been a huge fan of hers for quite some time and really wanted to try my hand at one of her songs for Vol. 2. She is a real queen of vocal improvisation. It’s a trait of hers that I’ve always admired, so I really wanted to explore that when recording this cover. The video for this track is special to us, a sort of collage of memory; fragmented footage of summer taken over the last two years is dispersed throughout shots of a vast winter scene, filmed while we finished the record up North with our live band.” Continue reading »

Oct 262011

It seems like no one can resist an Arcade Fire cover these days; Anna Rose revived her take on “My Body Is A Cage” with a new video, Benjamin Francis Leftwich included “Rebellion (Lies)” on his covers EP, and now London-based singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor is joining the fray with a “Rebellion” version of her own. Like most of the recent Arcade Fire covers, Ellis-Bextor’s version dials back the drama of the original to put her own spin on the track. Continue reading »