Apr 032023
best cover songs of march 2023
Bria – When You Know Why You’re Happy (Mary Margaret O’Hara’ cover)

Bria’s “Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?” made our list of the Best Covers of 2022. The track was a sneak peak at her covers EP Cuntry Covers Vol. 2, and the full thing dropped a few weeks ago. It includes a wonderful version of this much more obscure song. Bria explains: “Mary Margaret O’Hara is a creative force and one of my favorite Canadian artists. I have been a huge fan of hers for quite some time and really wanted to try my hand at one of her songs for Vol. 2. She is a real queen of vocal improvisation. It’s a trait of hers that I’ve always admired, so I really wanted to explore that when recording this cover. The video for this track is special to us, a sort of collage of memory; fragmented footage of summer taken over the last two years is dispersed throughout shots of a vast winter scene, filmed while we finished the record up North with our live band.” Continue reading »

Oct 262011

It seems like no one can resist an Arcade Fire cover these days; Anna Rose revived her take on “My Body Is A Cage” with a new video, Benjamin Francis Leftwich included “Rebellion (Lies)” on his covers EP, and now London-based singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor is joining the fray with a “Rebellion” version of her own. Like most of the recent Arcade Fire covers, Ellis-Bextor’s version dials back the drama of the original to put her own spin on the track. Continue reading »