Nov 302023
best cover songs
boygenius ft. Ye Vagabonds — The Parting Glass (Trad. cover)

Every year, Phoebe Bridgers releases a surprise cover around the holidays to benefit charity. This year, she brought in her boygenius bandmates as well as vocal group Ye Vagabonds to cover “The Parting Glass.” It’s a traditional Irish tune, but their version pays specific homage to Sinead O’Connor, who covered it in 2002. Sales benefit the Aisling Project, an after-school project working with children and young people growing up in a disadvantaged area of Dublin. The beneficiary was chosen by the estate of O’Connor, who died in July. Continue reading »

Nov 102023
sloppy jane cancer

Sloppy Jane is an American pop-rock group fronted by Haley Dahl. Sloppy Jane formerly included Phoebe Bridgers, who was originally their bassist. Recently, Dahl took on the emotive song “Cancer” from My Chemical Romance’s 2006 album The Black Parade. But this isn’t your average emo cover; Sloppy Jane takes it one step further. Continue reading »