Jun 072016
slipknot cover

A couple months ago, we posted The Land Below’s covers of Alanis Morissette’s “Hand in My Pocket” and Eagle Eye Cherry’s “Save Tonight.” They were radical transformations of the source material, turning rock radio staples into downtempo electro-soul grooves. But they were nothing compared to Erik Lindestad’s latest cover, of Slipknot’s “Everything Ends.” It’s like Slipknot sung by Sade. Even if you’re not a Slipknot fan – maybe especially if you’re not – you need to hear this. Continue reading »

Apr 222016

Since Prince’s sudden passing yesterday, tributes have poured in from artists around the world. Some of those artists had concerts scheduled last night and took the opportunity to play Prince covers – in some cases covers they’d performed before, in other cases covers the put together last-minute to pay tribute to the legend. Either way, this first night of covers is raw and wonderful, a first-run at what will no doubt be thousands of new covers to come (Coachella is this weekend…)

We’ve rounded up a bunch that have either video or audio below. They’re mostly live from concerts last night, but in a couple cases they’re from artists who couldn’t wait for their next show and posted new covers themselves. We’ll keep adding more as they surface. We know The Damned covered “Manic Monday” and Christine and the Queens covered “I Feel For You” – anyone got full video for those? Continue reading »

Nov 042011

In the Spotlight showcases a cross-section of an artist’s cover work. View past installments, then post suggestions for future picks in the comments!

Even though the site you’re currently reading focuses solely on cover music, we seldom turn our attention to actual cover acts. Today, though, we’re going to spotlight one that’s risen to a level of notoriety much higher than most of their bar-dwelling brethren — Steel Panther, the most rockin’ band in the land. This four-piece group, comprised of lead vocalist Michael Starr, guitarist Satchel, bassist Lexxi Foxxx and drummer Stix Zadinia (get it?!) expertly merge tremendous musical chops and keen comic sensibilities to both pay tribute to ’80s hair metal icons and lay bare all the ridiculousness inherent to the genre. Through a regular Monday residency on LA’s Sunset Strip, Panther (formerly Metal Skool, Metal Shop and Danger Kitty) has built an impressive following out of their celebratory shows. In fact, the group’s been embraced by LA’s indie comedy community just as much as the world of rock music; in a hilarious episode of the Comedy Bang Bang podcast, they joke with Human Giant and Children’s Hospital star Rob Huebel that he’s the fifth member of their band, and Sarah Silverman has appeared in their music video for “Death to All but Metal.” Continue reading »

Jun 152010

Song of the Day posts one cool cover every morning. Sometimes they’re artist submissions.

If you don’t know Slipknot, that picture above gives you the general idea. The band sings about murder and wears scary masks. Against all odds, they seem to take themselves seriously. In 2005 the band actually sued Burger King for stealing their image. The lawsuit fell apart, presumably because they couldn’t come up with a plausible reason why anyone would want their image.

Today we present a jazz cover of a Slipknot song. If you’re like me, you’ll go into this expecting to laugh hysterically. You won’t. It’s not a joke.
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