Aug 032011

Lady Gaga is a name known worldwide. Sir Noah Shark…well, not so much. However, the English/Canadian singer-songwriter and producer is back, after a recent cover of Gaga’s “Judas,” to make sure you learn it. This time around, he’s covering another Gaga hit, “Marry the Night,” her recent tale of club-banging and forgetting who you are.

Shark tries to weave Gaga’s tale of running off with the night into his very own. Reminiscent of Mike Posner (who most recently transformed Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”) but with a harder edge, Shark tries to keep the electro/club feeling that worked so well the first time and add guitars and his own signature pop rock voice. Though it doesn’t entirely work (the original is more sweeping and powerful), you can still picture the song being pumped in a club surrounding hundreds of others who are “marrying the night” themselves. Continue reading »

Apr 222011

Disregarding Dom’s recent “Alejandro” cover, it’s rare for a Lady Gaga cover to make you long for the original. With the bizarre, poppy originality inherent to Gaga’s songs, covers typically translate fairly well. Sir Noah Shark’s cover of Gaga’s new single, “Judas,” is no exception; rather it is somewhat exceptional (in the field of Gaga covers, at least). Continue reading »