Jun 012022
shawn mendes dancing in the dark

As a part of Tommy Hilfinger’s Classics Reborn ad campaign, Canadian pop star Shawn Mendes has recorded a cover of the Bruce Springsteen hit “Dancing in the Dark.”

For Tommy Hilfinger, “Reborn” must just mean “covered by a recent star,” as the track is almost identical to the original. Mendes’ softer, more pop vocal is the only real difference, and if anything, highlights how good Springsteen’s vocal was in the original. It’ll do the job for this ad and the audience it’s going for, but if you’re a fan of the Boss, there are more interesting covers elsewhere. Continue reading »

Sep 302021
best cover songs of september
Beyoncé – Moon River (Mancini/Mercer cover

Any month with a new cover by Beyoncé is a big month. Admittedly, her piano-crooning “Moon River” like so many others have piano-crooned “Moon River” – and for a Tiffany’s ad no less – is slightly underwhelming. But we’ll take what we can get, and, even if the approach is hardly novel, Beyoncé’s got the pipes to deliver. Continue reading »

Jan 122021
bridgerton covers

If you are currently binge-watching the Netflix show Bridgerton, yes, that was an orchestral cover of Ariana Grande’s “Thank u, next” you heard. The soundtrack to Bridgerton,a Shonda Rhimes 1800s period piece filled with wealth, lust, and betrayal, is overseen by composer and musician Kris Bowers. Bowers worked with Alexandra Patsavas, who is responsible for the six pop covers scattered through the series. Patsavas told Parade “the choices and their respective placements are each very deliberate, and that the Grande and Swift covers specifically ‘were able to tell the musical story and amplify a female perspective.” Continue reading »