May 082023

‘The Best Covers Ever’ series counts down our favorite covers of great artists.

best covers of 1960s

Last week we kicked off our new One Hit Wonders series with ten covers of big 1950s hits, and today we continue it with 20 covers of 1960s smashes.

Some classic songs getting covered in here, in some cases by artists that should have had many more hits just as big. So it goes in pop music. We’ll probably never be able to do a The 40 Best Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs Covers Ever list, though, so we celebrate them here with a few fun reimaginings of their early 1960 chart-topper “Stay.” Continue reading »

Mar 252013

It seems like the entire world has rediscovered Fleetwood Mac at the exact same time. We here at Cover Me have seen countless covers of the iconic band’s over the past few months, ranging from an outstanding tribute album to individual covers such as Selebrities‘ true-to-form rendition of “Everywhere.” Continue reading »

Oct 312011

Happy Halloween cover fans! If you’re holding a party and don’t know what to play your ghastly guests, we’ve got your playlist. Well, three minutes of it at least. Brooklyn trio Selebrities just released a free cover of Bobby “Boris” Pickett’s classic “Monster Mash” that’ll give your spooky shindig that “ghoul factor.” Continue reading »