Jun 272014

When Joey Ramone was fighting for his life with Lymphoma, he wrote and recorded the song, “I Get Knocked Down (But I’ll Get Up),” about his battle with the disease. Last December, School of Seven Bells member and former Secret Machines member Benjamin Curtis also passed away after battling T-cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma. Bandmate Alejandra Deheza has released their final recording together, a cover of  Ramone’s “I Get Knocked Down (But I’ll Get Up).” The song was recorded in its entirety by Curtis while in his hospital bed. Continue reading »

Aug 022012

While there are no shortage of Lil’ Wayne covers out in the universe, there hasn’t been a solid “How to Love” cover released in some time now. Wait no longer cover fanatics, American experimental-pop duo School of Seven Bells  has taken on the rappers auto-tuned ballad. It appears that Seven Bells’ lead singer Alejandra Deheza has exactly the delicate voice needed to breath some new life into the love song that explores a girls complicated relationship with learning “how to love.” Continue reading »

Jul 092012

OK Computer turned 15 last month and to celebrate, German magazine Musik Express put together a tribute of the Radiohead classic. The tracklist mixes local and international, including Austra doing “Paranoid Android” and School of Seven Bells tackling “Subterranean Homesick Alien,” both of which have found their way to SoundCloud. Listen below. Continue reading »