Nov 192012

Saint Saviour is an atmospheric/electronic cover producing machine. Over the past year or so, we have featured four covers by the pop seamstress. Her most recent cover, a subdued take on Bonnie Tyler‘s power ballad “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” is a fantastic addition to her quickly growing cover catalog. Continue reading »

Aug 272012

Becky Jones, aka Saint Saviour is no stranger to the cover-songs-in-an-electronic-manner realm. The England-native will often cover songs based off of what her community of fans would like to hear.  Most recently, she promised one of her donors that contributed to her Pledge Music campaign that she would cover one of his favorite songs. After reaching that goal to raise funds rather quickly, she got around to recording and releasing the cover on Soundcloud, which is none other than David Bowie’s “Heroes.” Continue reading »

Mar 222012

English musician Becky Jones, known on stage as Saint Saviour, has an eclectic website. It looks almost like a tumblr, and actually overlaps with her personal blog; there’s a black and white portrait of Ian Curtis, photographs admiring architecture, items she’s received in the mail, and several art pieces she likes, all of which reflect her large personality. And of course, there’s promotional material for her music, including the most recently published cover of Siouxsie and the Banshees‘ “Happy House.” Continue reading »

Jan 042012

Yesterday, U.K. singer-songwriter Becky Jones aka Saint Saviour posted a gift for her fans on Facebook. To kick off the new year, she has posted a fresh take on the 1971 Neil Young classic “Old Man.” Hailing from Teeside in the North East of England, Jones started out in electro band the RGBs before going on to front the latest version of trip-hop, electronica act Groove Armada. Continue reading »

Sep 272011

This is turning out to be a banner year for Kate Bush fans. The reclusive artist who usually spends five to ten years between albums released Director’s Cut back in May and just announced 50 Words for Snow, her tenth studio album set for release on November 21. Last month we posted an amazing cover version of Kate’s “Cloudbusting” by Johanna and the Dusty Floor, and now comes U.K. singer-songwriter Becky Jones aka Saint Saviour with her Kate cover. Continue reading »