Dec 142011

As you are surely aware, all week we are meticulously counting down the Best Cover Songs of 2011. While we do that list, though, other publications have been putting out their own best songs list. There is no firm consensus for #1, but we are seeing many of the same tracks pop up over and over again. So we tossed together a set of the best free covers of the best songs of the year. Continue reading »

Feb 212011

Radiohead announced The King of Limbs four days before they released. In a world of albums getting months if not years of advanced promotion (looking at you, Gaga), you might think this is a pretty short time. You’d of course be right. Know what’s even shorter though? One day. That’s how long it took for California quartet Robotanists to cover the entire thing. Fans have criticized the album for a relatively skimpy eight-song track list. Well, eight songs seems like a lot more when you’ve got 24 hours to learn and record them all. Here’s how they describe it on their website: Continue reading »