Nov 262019
rodrigo y gabriela metallica

Anyone familiar with Rodrigo y Gabriela’s catalog can hear the influence of the acoustic duo’s roots in thrash metal bands, and not just because of the metal covers they have done over the years. The Mexican duo have covered Metallica frequently in their distinctive virtuosic style and they’ve returned to an early favorite with a studio version of “Battery”. It’s one of three metal songs, alongside Slayer and Megadeath, that will be included on their Record Store Day vinyl Mettal EP. Continue reading »

Apr 302015

In 2008, Blitzen Trapper‘s album Furr generated a lot of buzz, as well as a standout track in the title song. Flash forward a few albums to 2013’s VII, and the experimental indie-folk group out of Portland sound as if they’ve left some of the wilder stuff behind and headed solidly into a southern-rock/jam band inspired direction. Last year their live cover of Bob Dylan’s “Man in Me” with Dawes stuck to this blueprint, and now they continue in the same vein with their most recent cover of Neil Young. Continue reading »

May 162012

Oberhofer‘s cover of Kanye West‘s douchebag anthem “Runaway” is not something new; Cover Me first saw the rough acoustic rendition almost a year ago along with a slew of other covers of the single. For Record Store Day, Oberhofer gave the cover a formal release and executed it in a spacy, rock context. Continue reading »

May 092011

With only one full-length record and an EP under their belts, British trio The Joy Formidable have certainly garnered a lot of attention over the last couple of years. They deserve all the acclaim they get, producing catchy, intelligent indie pop. Certainly, they caught the ear of Brooklyn’s ARMS, who recorded a cover of “While the Flies” for a recent Record Store Day release. Continue reading »

Apr 182011

Record Store Day is one of those special days that only rolls around once a year. It’s like a holiday, but the kind of holiday that’s only really there for the people who actually care about it – and isn’t that the best kind of holiday? It’s like Free Comic Book Day for a different kind of nerd.

In our latest Record Store Day post we’ve got Green Day releasing a cover of Hüsker Dü’s “Don’t Want to Know If You Are Lonely.” Pressed for the special day, the cover was released on a split 7” with the original. The cover originally saw the light of day on the bonus disc of Green Day’s 2009 box-set collection (from which you can download it on iTunes), but it’s nice to see it in vinyl alongside the ’80s classic. Listen to the tune below. Continue reading »

Apr 182011

There has been a lot of focus on LCD Soundsystem lately due to the “band’s” final album and performance. Now that James Murphy is done putting out new music under the LCD moniker (with the occasional exception of a Franz Ferdinand cover), the best a fan can hope for is for some enterprising band to come along and breathe some new life into the old songs. For any bands thinking about trying, may I suggest using this Toadies cover as a blueprint? Continue reading »