May 262011

Kate Bush’s “Suspended in Gaffa” is a bittersweet song about wanting something that you can’t have. In the classic original, Bush’s voice and the instrumentals of the song show both a hidden pain (as she repeats “We can’t have it all, I want it all”) and a fanciful twinkle (the constant waltz whimsy of the song). Continue reading »

May 182011

Ra Ra Riot is known as indie pop’s most whimsical band, mixing infectious choruses with sweeping instrumentals. The energy and happiness that comes out of their music is contagious.

With their cover of ’70s favorite Sparks’ “Saccharin and the War” off of their 1972 album Halfnelson, Ra Ra Riot pays homage to the quirky alternative bands that paved the way for their music. Sparks, known for stage theatrics and for incorporating disparate influences into their own bright pop songs, is an obvious inspiration for the band, who have pioneered a fusion of classical instruments (cello and violin) in modern indie pop. Continue reading »