Feb 132012

Last time we covered Pixie Lott in the Live Lounge, she was turning Cee-Lo’s soulful breakup anthem “Fuck You” into an acoustic pop hit. Her recent trip back to BBC Radio 1 proves that she may have a bit of a knack for covering the soulful breakup songs of our generation. This time the British pop star took on Lloyd’s “Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)” which also originally featured Lil Wayne and Andre 3000. What this version lacks in hip-hop interludes, it makes up for with fun instrumentals and bang on vocals from Lott. Continue reading »

Oct 112010

We’ve already heard many “Fuck You” covers. Not surprisingly, the Cee-Lo Green lovin’ keeps on comin’—and The Lady Killer isn’t even out for another month! The latest “Fuck You” comes from a recent BBC Radio 1 performance by Pixie Lott. It being radio, Lott technically covers Green’s sanitized “Forget You.” Yes, it loses a little something without that joyful F-bomb, but the British pop star doesn’t hold back elsewhere.

Lott’s enthusiasm is infectious. Her perky vocals skip along, nailing the joy-in-pain delivery. Funky riffing, box drumming, and hearty maracas propel the acoustic tune. Download the MP3 below. British readers can watch a video of the performance at the Radio 1 website. Continue reading »