Nov 092011

Best (So Far) finds the finest first-round covers of the latest pop hits.

With its infectious whistling hook and taut digital disco groove, Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera’s “Moves Like Jagger” is endearing a whole new generation of music listeners to the frontman of The Rolling Stones in a way Ruby Tuesday never could have expected. To those hip to the ways of classic rock, Jagger stands for a cragginess, for experience, for a libido-driven dude who’s seen a whole lot of life. But in this funky tag-team single, he’s all slickness and sultry dance beats — the key to Adam Levine’s soaring vocal seduction of a swiftly yielding Xtina, and the fuel for a very different demographic of backseat makeouts. Continue reading »

Sep 152011

Are you sick to death of Adele covers? Hey, we don’t blame you. We’ve heard a lot this year. If you know you’ll just keel over if you hear another belted tribute to 21, bookmark this page and then walk away. Take a month or two and come back when you’re feeling fresh. Listening to today’s Adele cover with anything but an open mind and open ears wouldn’t do it justice. Continue reading »