Oct 112010

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Does anyone really love Will Smith? Does anyone hate him either? In his acting career, he seems to have run straight down the middle of the likeability meter. He’s no Tom Hanks, but he’s no Russell Crowe either. For a guy who started out telling a cabbie, “Yo homes, smell you later,” that’s not too bad.

His rap career, I would wager, garners a few more snickers. His track record of releasing hit singles to soundtrack his films notwithstanding, anyone who titles his albums Big Willie Style and Willenium earns himself a little disdain. However, all ill will (get it?) vanishes upon hearing today’s song. New York musicians/1950s clothing models Pearl and the Beard wander city streets singing the most adorable covers you’ve ever heard, Will Smith hit after Will Smith hit. Here come the girls in pastel! Continue reading »