Dec 212012

Adele dominated the cover song landscape in 2011, but Two-Aught-Twelve saw no similar galvanizing figure. Yes Lana Del Rey got covered a lot, but Leonard Cohen and Arcade Fire also seemed to garner an unexpected landslide of great covers (and speaking of landslides, so did Fleetwood Mac). “Call Me Maybe” was a huge hit that didn’t lead to much in the way of classic covers, and few seem to have even bothered attempting the Korean raps on “Gangnam Style.”

Which means that cover songs in 2012 were more diverse, ambitious, and left-field than ever before. A given YouTube search or Hype Machine browse would be as likely to turn up forgotten hits or underappreciated songwriters as it would the latest Top 40 smash. Find a sampling of all the diversity in Cover Me’s official Best Cover Songs of 2012 countdown. Start with #40-31 on the next page, and check back daily as we’ll be adding more til we hit #1.

Sep 122012

Real talk: Lana del Rey isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The 1960s-Americana inspired singer has an upcoming fall campaign with fashion powerhouse H&M and has even mentioned that she is branching into screenwriting. Hate all you want, but the girl is here to stay. Further proof of this are the flood of Lana Del Rey covers that have come in over the past year since she hit superstardom. Today, we have the pleasure of sharing Patrick Wolf‘s lush take on “Born to Die” and Jukebox The Ghost‘s rendition of “Blue Jeans.” Continue reading »

Jul 152011

There’s not a regular picture of brand-new New York band Ms Mr at the top of this post because there aren’t any regular pictures of Ms Mr. The duo has decided to conceal their identities until the release of their debut album and their inaugural show in the fall. In the mean time, they’ve been busy offering a carefully curated list of artistic influences to curious journalists and offering the teaser EP Ghost City USA on Bandcamp. The EP, now available as a free download, includes a cover of Patrick Wolf’s 2010 single “Time of My Life.” Continue reading »