Aug 312021
best cover songs august
Brandi Carlile – We Belong (Pat Benatar cover)

Cheating a little as we missed this one in July, but if you too haven’t heard the acoustic “We Belong” Brandi’s been playing on tour with The Twins, it will be worth the wait. “We belong together” takes on a whole new meaning as we (try to) come out of quarantine. Continue reading »

Jul 122011

Regular readers know that every Tuesday brings another installment in the A.V. Club’s terrific Undercover series. Bands show up in their round room and cover a song from a list. A simple premise that produces terrific results.

Today, though, the preeminent pop culture website is doing something different. In lieu of their normal routine, they recorded seven covers in various Chicago locations of songs having to do with summer. They’ll be posting these “Summer Breeze” covers all day and, as a result, we’ll be updating this post all day. Check back here or follow us on Twitter to see when more get added. Continue reading »

Feb 152011

When last we heard from Owen, he had stripped down Wilco’s “I’m Always in Love” to just his voice and guitar. He takes a similar approach on his latest cover, of the Smiths’ “Girlfriend in a Coma.” Though Jeff Tweedy and Morrissey don’t have a ton in common, Owen finds the unifying thread. Very different from the a cappella theatrics of Janice Whaley, who we recently heard cover every Smiths song ever. Continue reading »

Sep 172010

Song of the Day posts one cool cover every morning. Catch up on past installments here.

Earlier this month we pointed you to covers of every song off Wilco’s Summerteeth. There, Wisconsin’s The Celebrated Workingman gave a reverb-drenched performance of “I’m Always in Love.” Today we bring you a second new cover of the song, this one a lot more basic.

Owen is Mike Kinsella. You might know him from Chicago bands like Cap‘n Jazz or Joan of Arc, but since 2001 he’s been recording solo discs as “Owen.” “Abandoned Bridges,” his most recent 7” single, contains this Wilco cover on the back. It’s just him and an acoustic guitar, but him and an acoustic guitar goes a lot farther than some. (via TwentyFourBit) Continue reading »