Dec 082010

So it begins: Listomania 2010. Like every music blog worth its proverbial salt, Cover Me will be going list-crazy this month. The difference is, our lists will specialize in – you guessed it – cover songs. Take the typical year-end list and insert the word “Cover” between “Best” and “Albums/Songs/etc” and you have a pretty good idea of what to expect. First up: The Best Cover Videos of 2010.

Cover songs hit the web faster than ever these days, but well-crafted cover videos remain relatively rare. Sure, YouTube is bursting with webcam performances and DIY concert footage, but bedroom confessions soon grow tiresome. Well-crafted cover music videos (remember those?) come along far less often. A great video can be art on its own, playing with – or against – the audio recording to create a viewer/listener experience greater than the sum of its parts.

Below, we present our top ten cover videos of 2010. In some cases the song’s origins play an essential role in the music video; in others it makes no difference. Each brings new imagery, insight, or, in some cases, lolz to the song it accompanies. A Rastafarian astronaut shoots lasers. Apples float around a Twilight Zone apartment. Pig people fight mummy surgeons in the basement.

Check out our ten favs below, then tell us which you liked best. Continue reading »

Aug 062010

If you’ve been sleeping on N.A.S.A., wake up. Their namesake may have seen better days, but the indie hip hop duo is riding high. Their album The Spirit of Apollo was one of 2009’s best. Any group that can pull together David Byrne, Kanye West, and Tom Waits (all of whom contributed vocals to the record) is worth notice.

The group is back with the latest from the same Dr. Martins’ series that saw the Noisettes cover the Buzzcocks. N.A.S.A. takes on reggae pioneer Max Romeo, turning his “Chase the Devil” into a space-age techno jam.

The real triumph here is the trippy claymation video though, which pits a dreadlocked hero against various incarnations of evil. Luckily he has his Super Boombox, which shoots out lasers at men who vaguely resemble Mao and Hitler (also Severus Snape) while the “Rastanaut” dances away. This all takes place in outer space, ‘cause that’s sort of this group’s thing. Watch the video below, then head to the Dr. Martins website to download the MP3. Continue reading »