Sep 292023
best cover songs
Al Green — Perfect Day (Lou Reed cover)

It’s been 15 years since the last Al Green album. Does “Perfect Day” signal the beginning of his comeback? Unclear — I thought so after his last single, another cover, and that was five years ago. But we can hope. “I loved Lou’s original ‘Perfect Day’—the song immediately puts you in a good mood,” Green explained. “We wanted to preserve that spirit, while adding our own sauce and style.” Continue reading »

Dec 112013

OK, so it may have only been two years ago that James Murphy last played (and streamed live) as LCD Soundsystem in Madison Square Garden, but there is still a small little hole in our hearts that can only be filled by Mr. Murphy…or at least an amazing cover of one of his songs. MS MR have been performing an awesome live rendition of “Dance Yrslf Clean” and here we have a polished studio version, complete with some bumpin’ sax. Continue reading »

Jul 152011

There’s not a regular picture of brand-new New York band Ms Mr at the top of this post because there aren’t any regular pictures of Ms Mr. The duo has decided to conceal their identities until the release of their debut album and their inaugural show in the fall. In the mean time, they’ve been busy offering a carefully curated list of artistic influences to curious journalists and offering the teaser EP Ghost City USA on Bandcamp. The EP, now available as a free download, includes a cover of Patrick Wolf’s 2010 single “Time of My Life.” Continue reading »