Jun 072011

YouTube is filled with amateur cover “artists.” Most stink. On the ‘Tube extracts the exceptions.

On NBC’s The Voice, Blake Shelton picked Dia Frampton after she had been singing for four seconds. Four seconds. It’s no wonder. The 23 year old singer songwriter from Utah has a talent and versatility that somehow manages to coexist with her quietly powerful style.

The Voice may end up being Frampton’s big break, but she’s been a star of the internet music scene for years in the acoustic-duo-turned-full-band she started with her sister, Meg. Fittingly, they go by Meg & Dia. Recently, though, Dia has been blowing up the band’s YouTube channel with her own solo covers and we’re all lucky for it. Continue reading »

Sep 152010

Is “Ignition (Remix)” the most famous remix ever? Probably not, but I can’t think of a bigger one offhand. Regardless, R. Kelly’s 573th megahit seemed everywhere upon its release in 2002. Just saying “It’s the remix…” can get people reciting the whole thing. You may not realize it, but the phrase “hot and fresh out the kitchen” is lodged somewhere in your subconscious.

Utah indie duo Meg & Dia YouTube-d a down-home cover of the song. It features the three band members not named Meg or Dia on guitar, clapping, and basketball-bouncing (which, believe it or not, does add to the song). The description says, “We decided to give you a preview of the remix,” which may indicate that there’s a studio version coming. Or not. This is enough for now. Continue reading »