Mar 292022
kishi bashi meat loaf

Indie-pop violin wizard Kishi Bashi just kicked off his first tour of the pandemic, celebrating ten years of his debut album 151a, and every show features a pair of covers. The first, of Talking Heads’ “This Must Be the Place,” he’s been doing for a while (he noted somewhat ruefully at a recent live show that it has more Spotify streams than any of his original songs). The second, though, is new and extremely fun: A version of the late great Meat Loaf’s “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” featuring a person dressed as a giant steak (get it, meat?). Continue reading »

Mar 282011

At Cover Me, we like to give stuff away. Read on to learn how that stuff can be yours.

Vinyl is back and with Record Store Day just around the corner, it seemed just the time for another wax giveaway. Today we have three 7” singles for an exciting new multi-band cover of Meatloaf’s classic “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.” Four bands divided up the song into its components and the result is spectacular. We asked project curator and Elastic No-No Band member Justin Remer to tell us how it came together. Continue reading »

Dec 102010

When Glee opened its second season with “Audition” back in September, an in-show speech from choir director Will Schuester promised that our favorite kids would embrace more musical variety. Looking back through its offerings in the past few months, I’m not sure it’s succeeded in that mission (with one key exception). Then again, Glee‘s first season did a pretty good job of covering a lot of musical bases anyway. If we believe Will’s speech in “Audition,” Glee really wants to focus on more modern music. I suppose they’ve done that (check out “Furt,” half of which is given over to the songs of Bruno Mars), but then last season had its share of contemporary hits too; consider, for instance, the Lady Gaga episode. Overall I think Glee‘s basically maintained the fair variety it had already established for itself. Continue reading »

Oct 272010

Every Wednesday, our resident Gleek Eric Garneau gives his take on last night’s Glee covers.

Glee‘s been busy this season. When they’re not angering parents with talk of scissoring or risqué photos, they’re shining the spotlight on individual artists and productions in themed episodes. The entirety of last season only had two, one of which featured Madonna and another all about Lady Gaga. Yet only five episodes deep in the second season we’ve already had as many served to us, and we know there’s more to come. This season’s second episode, “Britney/Brittany” (featuring the music of Britney Spears) received the highest ratings of the season and second-highest for the show’s entire run. Although we won’t know right away, I suspect last night’s episode, which brought us the music of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, will do just as well. Continue reading »