Jun 282019

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best cover songs of june
Ashley O [Miley Cyrus] – Right Where I Belong (Nine Inch Nails cover)

The second-most-bonkers cover of the month (just wait ’til we get to “Spicy”) comes from – who else – Miley Cyrus. On a new episode of Black Mirror, she covers/parodies angsty Nine Inch Nails songs as the most insipid of pop jams. Trent Reznor, for one, says he is very much on board (given the lyric changes, these covers required his legal approval). Miley’s songs in character as Ashley O are outrageous and borderline offensive, which is kind of the point. “On a Roll” (FKA “Head Like a Hole”) has gotten most of the attention, but “Right Where I Belong” is more listenable. Marginally. Continue reading »

Jul 312018
Arctic Monkeys – Lipstick Vogue (Elvis Costello cover)

Arctic Monkeys got a lot of attention covering the Strokes last week (especially because on his new album, Alex Turner sings: “I just want to be one of the Strokes”). But I preferred their wonderfully sleazy “Lipstick Vogue” cover, played in honor of Costello as he recovered from cancer surgery. Turner’s a product of his influences; in addition to the Strokes and Elvis, he appears to have his Nick Cave snake slither down cold. Continue reading »

Mar 302018
best cover songs of march

Disclaimer: Our monthly “Best Cover Songs” aren’t ranked, and the “Honorable Mentions” aren’t necessarily worse than the others (they’re just the ones we had the least to say about).

Angelique Kidjo – Born Under Punches (Talking Heads cover)

Goddammit, Angelique. We spent weeks compiling our Best Talking Heads Covers post, and only days after we finish, you announce a full Remain in Light tribute album. Judging from this first single, it’s going to be pretty amazing too. Continue reading »

Dec 052011

Anyone familiar with Manchester Orchestra knows that they are no strangers to the cover song. Even more, lead singer Andy Hull has an astounding ability to turn popular indie-pop and rock songs into acoustic masterpieces. We’ve previously posted covers from both Hull and Manchester Orchestra. It’d be impossible to write Hull off as just the lead singer of your typical indie-rock band. He’s actually the front-man of not only Manchester Orchestra, but two other side projects: the folk group Right Away, Great Captain and Bad Books, which he performs in with folk musician Kevin Devine. Continue reading »

Jul 132011

“Ghost in This House” was recorded by American country music group Shenandoah and released in September 1990. Almost a decade later, bluegrass-country singer, songwriter and fiddler Alison Krauss was at a Michael Johnson concert in Nashville when it hit her. “He was performing a cover of “Ghost in This House” and I remember thinking, that’s the worst thing I have ever heard in my entire life…we have to do it too!” she said when performing it on Live. Krauss then covered it on her 1999 album Forget About It. Continue reading »

Apr 212011

What a difference tempo and volume can make! My Morning Jacket’s “Anytime,” from their critically acclaimed album, Z, is an ultra-caffeinated, bouncy tune that seems to be about not much of anything.  When fellow southerners Manchester Orchestra get a hold of it, though, the aura of the song changes. Although Andy Hull’s voice is extremely reminiscent of MMJ’s Jim James, he softly coos, rather than shouts, the words. The distorted guitar becomes a strummed acoustic, and the pace is slowed to lullaby speed. Continue reading »