Mar 102011

Superchunk singer Mac McCaughan knows how to cut to the core of a song. We last saw him do it by paring down Jay Reatard’s ripping “My Shadow” into a haunted confession. Now, he strips away the synth layers and drum bursts from Bruce Springsteen’s “Bobby Jean” to reveal a new emotional core. Continue reading »

Dec 022010

Jay Reatard covers don’t come along too frequently, but when they do they seem to come from indie giants. First we heard Arcade Fire cover “Oh, It’s Such a Shame.” A month later, Spoon tackled “No Time.” Now, Superchunk’s Mac McCaughan strums through an acousta-punk “My Shadow.” The occasion was a backstage performance at the recent 21st birthday celebration for Matador Records, the label that both Superchunk and Reatard once called home. (via Pitchfork) Continue reading »