Feb 032012

The Axis of Awesome bill themselves as “Australia’s Most Awesomest Musical Comedy Sensation.” With their 2011 viral video hit “4 Chords” nearing four million views, they are certainly trying to earn that title. The trio features Benny Davis on keyboard and vocals; Benny was an original member of the Aussie sketch comedy troupe “The Delusionists” and is a virtuoso on keyboard. He has taken on a side-project featuring his uncanny skill-set as The Human Jukebox. Continue reading »

Apr 202011

It’s a tough world for the “Macarena” cover fan. Lord knows we don’t make it easier for ya. Every day you check the site, hoping against hope that today, finally, we’ll post a cover of everyone’s favorite Summer-of-1996/Latin-fusion/dance-sensation/one-hit-wonder. And every day you cry bitter tears of disappointment. The flood of “Macarena” requests from Los Del Rio diehards finally grew so overwhelming we had to set up a special address devoted to the cause (macarenarequests@covermesongs.com). Yet still we ignored you. Continue reading »