Nov 302020
best cover songs november
Ashley McBryde – You’re Lookin’ at Country (Loretta Lynn cover)

The Country Music Hall of Fame recently presented a video series called Big Night at the Museum, getting modern country and Americana artists to cover Hall of Famers. Lucinda Williams did Johnny Cash, Miranda Lambert did John Prine, and a bunch more. Best by a blonde-streaked hair was Ashley McBryde, a performer who skirts the line between country, Americana, and brawny rock, proving her bona fides on Loretta Lynn’s “You’re Lookin’ at Country.” Continue reading »

Dec 062011

I have no hard data to back this up, but I suspect that EPs play a larger role in the world of cover songs than they do elsewhere. In the wider world, EPs tend to be an afterthought, a set of rejects or remixes that may or may not be worthwhile. People pay little attention to EPs, and artists act accordingly, saving their real statements for the full-lengths. In our world, though, we see as many EPs as we do proper albums, and they’re every bit as good. An artist may hesitate to put out a “cover album” – still a loaded term in some circles – but in the age of Garageband and Bandcamp, it’s only too easy to record a half dozen covers and toss ‘em out between albums. Therefore, in honor of the EP’s prominence in our world, we present our favorite EPs of 2011 (with an MP3 from each). Continue reading »

Jul 222011

While some cover artists re-interpret known songs, Alyson Greenfield is one who goes for full on re-inventions. Her new EP of glockenspiel and piano-centric hip hop covers, entitled Rock Out with Your Glockenspiel Out, offers exercises in juxtaposition that work on many levels. Not only is she using an instrument straight out of third grade music class to play songs with adult lyrical themes, but her shimmering, simple sound and inflected vocals oppose almost every convention of hip-hop. This version of Coolio’s “Gangsta’s Paradise” shows her angle, putting such an unexpected twist on an otherwise fairly conventional track that it even transcends appeals to novelty. Continue reading »

Nov 112010

Song of the Day posts one cool cover every morning. Catch up on past installments here.

The A-Team influenced a generation of pre-teen boys into believing that they should “Pity the Fool!” The B.A. Baracus Band take it a step further, creating the ultimate ’80s cover band named after everyone’s favorite butt kicker, B.A Baracus. Unfortunately, gold chains or mohawks do not make an appearance. Using only guitar, djembe and kazoos, the B.A. Baracus Band has created covers that require the listener to stand up and dance. If said listener has consumed mass quantities, so much the better.

The band recently focused their creativity on LL Cool J‘s “Mama Said Knock You Out” (by the way, who wouldn’t want to see LL Cool J take on B.A. in all his glory?). As the djembe kicks in, remind yourself this is not your mama’s LL Cool J, and certainly not Street Sweeper Social Club’s Cool J. Incredibly, the white guys can keep pace with Cool J’s flow, shout-outs and overall swagger. Unfortunately, no video of “Mama Said Knock You Out” can be found on YouTube, but watch the band tear into Rick Springfield’s “Jessie’s Girl” here, then head over to the band’s website and download lots more ’80s cover goodness. First things first though, download The B.A. Baracus Band’s LL Cool J cover, fool! Continue reading »