Aug 022012

While there are no shortage of Lil’ Wayne covers out in the universe, there hasn’t been a solid “How to Love” cover released in some time now. Wait no longer cover fanatics, American experimental-pop duo School of Seven Bells  has taken on the rappers auto-tuned ballad. It appears that Seven Bells’ lead singer Alejandra Deheza has exactly the delicate voice needed to breath some new life into the love song that explores a girls complicated relationship with learning “how to love.” Continue reading »

Sep 262011

“Weird Al” Yankovic first debuted his new “Polka Face” covers medley live last year, and now, 15 months later, we move from shaky concert footage to off-the-wall music video. Now, normally Al’s polkas get music videos for his concerts consisting of the original video clips synced to his medley (like this one), so this marks his polka-video debut. Continue reading »

Jul 272011

Seventeen-year old pop-punk upstart Plug in Stereo (aka Trevor Dahl) has a voice so sweet, it may make your teeth hurt. He showcases this sweetness on a new cover of Lil Wayne‘s most recent hit “How to Love.” While we recently heard an excellent Lil Wayne cover from Karmin, Dahl, who has toured with fellow pop-punk superstars Never Shout Never and Dashboard Confessional, makes you forget what the original Weezy track even sounded like. Continue reading »

Jul 202011

Last September, Justin Timberlake appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and blew all our minds with a hip-hop medley. Timberlake appeared on Fallon again last night and gave the crowd what they wanted: a sequel. Continue reading »

Jun 152011

No question, music-comedy pioneer “Weird Al” Yankovic is known for his parodies and, to a lesser extent, his original musical numbers. But he performs a third, perhaps underappreciated, category of song: the cover. Every album includes a “polka” medley which, though not labeled as such, fits the dictionary definition of a cover: same lyrics, different music. His latest, Alpocalypse, includes another instant classic: Polka Face. Continue reading »

Jun 132011

The phrase “MTV Unplugged” may evoke classic stripped-down sets from Nirvana and Eric Clapton, but the new, revamped version of Unplugged discards all that. The latest performer, Lil Wayne, offers nothing remotely “unplugged.” That doesn’t mean it wasn’t special though. Amidst a career-spanning look at his classic tracks, Weezy paid tribute to a hero: Tupac Shakur, covering part of the latter’s “Hail Mary.”

“I knew because this is my ‘Unplugged,’ I said, ‘I want to do some kind of tribute to one of those great artists,'” Wayne told MTV. “It’s just something about ‘Pac and I.” Continue reading »