Apr 302024
best cover songs
The Dirty Nil — Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler cover)

I’m honestly surprised there weren’t more “Total Eclipse” covers during this month’s total eclipse. Perhaps because our total eclipse was of the sun, rather than the heart. Or, more likely, because this song is hard as hell to sing. Best of the bunch came this garage-rocking version from Ontario trio The Dirty Nil. Gritty and raw, and singer Luke Bentham sells the hell out of it. Continue reading »

Oct 272020

Some covers are more equal than others. Good, Better, Best looks at three covers and decides who takes home the gold, the silver, and the bronze.

Lifehouse's No Name Face

You likely know Lifehouse–you may just not know that you do. This alt-rock band permeated pop culture in the early 2000s. For example, many of their songs feature on the hit television show about teenage Superman, Smallville; the band even plays in the show (at prom, of course). You’ve probably heard a couple of their biggest hits on the radio during this time, romantic yet angsty. But yes, early 2000s popularity means that we have a twenty-year anniversary on our hands. Lifehouse’s debut album, No Name Face, turns 20 on Halloween. (This actually is spooky to those of us who still think we are youths before we do the math.)

To celebrate this anniversary, let’s assess covers of the album’s first single, “Hanging By A Moment.” The song was blocked from the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 by a cover (Christina Aguilera, Pink, Lil’ Kim, and Mýa’s “Lady Marmalade”), but we won’t hold that against them. It still won top song of the year, and in fact is the last song to hold that title without ever reaching #1 throughout the year. So yeah, this is a historic day.

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