Nov 302021
The Best Cover Songs of November
Barbaro – Believe (Cher cover)

Progressive bluegrass quartet Barbaro takes on a few obvious inspirations on their new EP Under the Covers. Gillian Welch’s “Dark Turn of Mind,” makes sense. Wilco’s “Jesus Etc,” sure. But the other two tunes venture a little further afield. Sheryl Crow’s pop hit “If It Makes You Happy” makes for a jaunty fiddle and banjo number, as does, surprisingly, Cher’s “Believe.” Continue reading »

Nov 122021
Lady Dan

Austin singer-songwriter Lady Dan just released her debut album last spring. Her sound is a mixture of country and indie rock, but that description does not prepare you for her cover of Bill Withers’ “Just the Two of Us.” Normally, a heartfelt ode top succeeding together in life as a couple, Lady Dan transforms the song into the story of a dangerous stalker. Continue reading »