Sep 042020

Today a double album’s worth of material is being released to celebrate the U.K.’s legends of glam rock – Marc Bolan and his band, T.Rex. Coinciding with the group’s long-overdue induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in November, AngelHeaded Hipster (its name culled from Allen Ginsberg’s famous poem, “Howl”) features 26 covers of classic T-Rex songs by a diverse collection of artists ranging from Kesha to King Khan and U2 to Nick Cave.

AngelHeaded Hipster is produced by the late Hal Willner – who sadly passed away from complications from Covid-19 this past April. In the liner notes, Willner said, “As I was listening and getting familiar with all of Bolan’s work, I discovered that this guy was actually a great composer…I put him in the same pantheon as other composers that I’ve explored before (Kurt Weill, Thelonious Monk, Nino Rota, etc.). So, the concept for the album became to show Bolan as a composer…”

And he goes on to do exactly that.
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Nov 092011

Just last week, we posted King Khan’s new quasi-solo Jay Reatard cover. We noted that this followed the dissolution of his beloved psych-garage outfit The King Khan and BBQ Show. Well, it also preceded the official reunion. Khan and Mark Sultan have returned following their acrimonious split with a new 7”. The A-Side is new song “We Are the Ocean” and the flip holds a post-Pink Floyd Syd Barrett cover.

The duo tackle Barrett’s “Terrapin,” which has also seen covers by Phish and Syd’s Floyd replacement David Gimour. Their version is a Nuggets-style psychedelic haze, tambourine and theremin soundtracking their return. Stream it below, then buy the 7” at Midheaven Mailorder.

The King Khan and BBQ Show – Terrapin (Syd Barrett cover)

Buy the “We Are the Ocean/Teremin” 7” at Midheaven Mailorder.

Nov 042011

Monkeying around is hardly a new concept for the endlessly wild King Khan, but the term takes on a more literal meaning than ever in his new video. It’s a cover of Jay Reatard’s debut solo single “Hammer I Miss You” that features a whole mess of monkey-mask madness. Continue reading »